Turbulence - A Water Project

23 October - 6 November 1998

Film video, performances, mixed media kinetic installation under the water

An art project in the City’s Olympic Swimming pool “Wezenberg”, Antwerp, Belgium 1998 © Shanglie Zhou
With the support of the city of Antwerp, Vidi-Square and Belgian national water-ballet team

Film video: 20 min film projection under the water
Soundtrack: Alex Otterlei
Performers: Belgian national water-ballet team, Boy & Erik Stappaerts, Shanglie Zhou and public swimmers
Technical supports: Vidi-Square, SISA  
performance costume: Annemie Podevin
Photo: Jiang Jiasheng


“Turbulence - A Water Project” is a collective art project taking place in the public space - the City’s Olympic Swimming pool “Wezenberg”, Antwerp, Belgium.
A 20 minutes' film video is projected on a film-screen which stands under the water in a swimming pool "Wezenberg".
Huge pieces of kinetic installations with drawings on them are floating between different water levels in/under the water.
The Belgian water-ballet team, Shanglie Zhou and Boy & Erik Stappaerts together with public swimmers are performing in the opening of the event.
Johan Pas and Jan Van Broeckhoven speek about the project in the opening of the event.
The siwimming pool opens for all swimmers as usual during two weeks event.
Daily swimmers can dive to view the film and becoming performers with flowing kinetic installations & moving images from a floating film under the water.