Cosmic Motions No.11 2014-2015

Full HD, black & white, stereo, 6 min 43 sec

Cast: Milton Paulo Nascimento de Oliveira
Soundtrack: Thierry Van Roy
Assistant: Eddy Gabriel
Concept, realisation, camera, editing: Shanglie Zhou

This video-installation is a part of the multimedia project “Contemporary Interplay” in Europe. 2011 - ongoing © Shanglie Zhou

"Cosmic Motions" No.11 is a poetic reflection on some philosophical questions regarding the interrelation between the cosmos and human beings/bodies.

The international art festival in Mitrofan Grekov Museum, Russia. 01.09 - 15.09.2015

The international art festival in Kamensky Pedagogical College, Russia. 16.09 - 20.10.2015

Venice Experimental Video and Performance Art Festival in Palazzo Ca' Zanardi in Venice, Italy. 26.02 - 06.03.2016

Selected video still:

Cosmic Motions No.11 from Shanglie Zhou on Vimeo.