Incisive Land 2006

Video-installation, DV-PAL, colour, surrounding sound, 5 min 23 sec

Realisation, camera, editing: Shanglie Zhou

“After three weeks of logging of oaks and piecemeal evictions of treehouses in Borsbeek Fortress III action camp, many trees are still standing. The forest is being destroyed because they are in the way of Antwerp Airport, a small business airport which wants to upgrade and allow for larger planes to land.”

“Officially the clearcutting of oaks (there is no permit for other trees) is called “forest maintenance”. This particular form of maintenance keeps about 40cm of the trees standing.”

Belgium: Borsbeek Forest Occupation Eviction Threat  26.08.2006

This video-installation is a part of the ecology art project “Incisive Land” in Asia and Europe. 2006 - ongoing © Shanglie Zhou

Selected video still: